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Camborne School of Mines

Camborne School of Mines (CSM) is a world-class combined geoscience and mining department. We undertake research and education in fundamental and applied aspects of geoscience and georesources – areas of knowledge that are crucial to address many of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, including the energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable practices. The CSM courses range from geology and environmental geoscience, through to mining engineering and mineral processing, and our student body undertake their studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels equally, and on both full-time and part-time bases. Our ethos is truly interdisciplinary, and we value both theoretical and practical work in developing a holistic understanding of the geological world, our relationship to it, and the skills and knowledge needed for responsible use of natural resources. We have a long history of successful partnerships with industry and a hugely supportive alumni network that is truly global. We welcome you to explore what we do and encourage you to join us!

Professor Patrick Foster – Head of Camborne School of Mines