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Prof Ben Williamson

PhD students

Current and past PhD students include:

  • Ed Hill - PhD student - GeoNetZero CDT - Developing new mineralogical and geochemical assessment tools for stream sediments and soils to support exploration for Li, Sn and W in SW England (First supervisor - full time - commenced September 2022).
  • Louis Penfound-Marks - PhD student - Implications of the transcrustal magma-mush concept for genetic models and exploration for LCT pegmatites in Leinster, SE Ireland (First supervisor - full time - commenced September 2022).
  • Alison Cox – MSc by Research – self-funded. Effects of acid and Fe concentration on reaction rates in enargite-bearing wastes (Second supervisor, full-time, commenced June 2016, completed September 2018).
  • Evangelos Mouchos – MSc by Research, self-funded. REE potential of bauxites from Greece (Second supervisor, full-time, commenced November 2013, completed January 2016).
  • Ben Snook – PhD student - co-funded by the CSM Trust and Norwegian Geological Survey. Geology and mineral chemistry of barren and rare metal pegmatites in the south Norwegian Bamble-Evje pegmatite cluster (First supervisor, full-time, commenced October 2010, completed May 2014).
  • Daniel Parvaz - NERC CASE studentship. Development of geochemical and mineralogical methods for targeting lower environmental impact secondary copper deposits in the Troodos Massif, Cyprus. (First supervisor, full-time, commenced October 2009, completed February 2015).
  • Vistorina Do Cabo – PhD student - Funded by the Africa-America Foundation. The Geology, Mineralogy and Geochemical features of the primary HREE-enriched Carbonatite Complex at Lofdal, Namibia. (Second supervisor, part-time, commenced 2008, completed June 2014).
  • Liaqat Ali – PhD student - Funded by Government of Pakistan (transferred after 1 year from Manchester University 2008). Genetic models for gold and base metal mineralisation associated with the Shyok Suture Zone and Kohistan Arc, north Pakistan; based on mineralogical and geochemical studies of stream sediments (First supervisor, full-time, commenced March 2008, completed October 2010).
  • Alison Turner – PhD student - Funded via University of Plymouth. Sustainable management of mine water pollution from headwaters to estuaries (Second supervisor, full-time, commenced October 2007, completed November 2010).
  • Jennifer Le Blond – PhD student - University of Cambridge – NERC CASE studentship (2007, obtained as CASE partner at Natural History Museum, London). The production and toxicity of respirable silica particles from biomass burning (CASE supervisor, full time, commenced October 2006, completed May 2010).