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Dr Declan Vogt



I am the Programme Director for the Part Time Degree in Mining Engineering for students not based in England. This is delivered alongside our Mine Management Degree Apprenticeship which restricted to students working in England. 

CSM1259: Electrical and Electronic Principles

I am the module lead for this module that is taken by Renewable Energy Engineering first year students. This hands on module gives students a chance to explore basic electrical and electronic concepts using a combination of theory and a practical approach to applications and troubleshooting. 

CSMM220: Mining the Future

I am the co-lead for this module, together with Prof Frances Wall. The module is offered to MSc geology students and provides insights into the various ways that mining is changing, and some guesses on how it might look in the future. We discuss topics such as automation, space mining, undersea mining, what we will mine in the future, the difficulties of innovation, how we will mine and related issues. We typically have 8-10 speakers, all world experts, who deliver 1 hour lectures as background, which we then discuss through exercises in class.

CSMM418: Mining Automation

I am the lead for this module that introduces MSc Mining Engineering students to automation, what it is and how it is going to influence them in their working lives. We cover topics such as levels of automation, sensing for automation and location, and how to apply them in different types of mines and different locations.

CSMM183: Business Skills As part of the MSc in Mining Engineering (Professional), I teach half of the business skills course, specifically the module on Lean for Mining. Lean is a useful set of management principles and tools that can lead to improved business performance. The course offers an introduction to Lean set in a mining context.   CSM1289DA: Engineering Fundamentals

As part of the Mining Management Degree Apprenticeship for English students, and the part-time BEng Mining Management degree for other UK and international students, I deliver the first-year module on the engineering fundamentals, cover the mathematics required for engineering, and the basics of the physics behind some important mining engineer disciplines: electric power, ventilation and cooling and rock mechanics.


I contribute to the 2nd year geophysics course, CSM2190, and have supervised Mining, Mining Geology and Exploration Geology students on overseas visits, to Namibia, Finland and Ireland so far.