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Photo of Miss Erica Mariani

Miss Erica Mariani



Project description

My research project aims to reconstruct oceanographic and vegetation changes across the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in NW Europe and the Arctic region. A multi-proxy approach is applied including playnologycal and dinoflagellate cysts study, geochemical and isotope analyses, X-ray fluorescence and Hg content on marine sediment cores in the North Sea region. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive insight of short-term and long-term environmental response to global warming at high latitudes.

I work under the supervision of Dr. Sev Kender (primary supervisor), Prof. Stephen Hesselbo, Dr. Kate Littler, Prof. Melanie Leng, Dr. James Riding.

The project is fully funded by the University of Exeter.


Micropalaeontology, palynology, palaeoclimate, climate change, oceanography, biostratigraphy


Bachelor degree in geological sciences at the University of Pavia - 2010

Master degree in applied geology at the University of Pavia - 2016 (with honors)