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Photo of Mr Herman Aguirre Jofre

Mr Herman Aguirre Jofre



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I'm PhD Researcher and Mining Engineer interested in developing underlying technologies for monitoring and optimising mining companies. Currently, I am member of Camborne School of Mine Research Group, which is focused on developing new technology trends for mining industry.

Over the last 10 years, I have held responsibilities in Operational Management, Cost Control and Due Diligences Analysis. I have experience of working with different mining methods such as block caving, sublevel stoping, open-pits, and quarries.

In my PhD, I've gotten deeper understanding of using programming languages. Employing this knowledge, I've been able to produce advanced analysis with data collected by sensing systems designed and developed in University of Exeter.


PhD project: Mining operations’ economic value improvements by implementing cost-efficient Fleet Information Systems and novel data analysis techniques

My research is about Fleet Optimisation in Mining Industry. It will provide mining companies with flexible, scalable, cost-effective systems to produce near real-time actionable data, particularly in mines without GPS or wireless communication.



Dr. Declan Vogt.

Dr. Matthew Eyre.


Educational Background

2018 - present: PHD Mining and Minerals Engineering

2014: Diploma: History. Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

2013: Diploma: World Politics. Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

2005 - 2011: Mining Engineer at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.


Please free to contact me via the e-mail address provided at the top of the page regarding inquiries or collaborations.