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Prof Jens C. Andersen


My research contributes to reduce the societal dependence on fossil fuel and facilitate the transition to sustainable energy production, storage and use. The energy-critical raw materials (Li, Ni, PGE, Co, In, Sn, W, etc) are essential for the development of renewable alternatives to fossil fuel for energy production, yet many have poorly developed production infrastructures. Europe is highly import dependent with respect to these raw materials. The global production rates for the critical raw materials are unable to support the ambitious goals for the green energy transformation set by Western governments, and the polarised production creates ethical as well political concerns that threatens supply security.

My research on the energy-critical raw materials is fundamental for society to meet the resource demands of the circular economy. By the identification of resource potentials within the UK and Europe, and the development of novel methods to extract these ores, my research contributes to building resilience in the supply of the critical raw materials. The ultimate aim of my work is to enhance exploration world-wide (with a particular focus on Europe) and encourage a wider development of raw material production centres. Further research aims to identify the potential impacts that these materials may have on our health and environment leading to better knowledge of the safe use and disposal of the metal containing technological products.

My research agenda is driven through completed and active research grants from the EU as well as NERC. Projects such as the currently active EU FAME and EU MARINEFF projects strongly align to industry and societal needs and engage SMEs as well as larger companies across the EU. The projects addresses a wide spectrum of topics required to ensure a sustainable society including raw material supply, environmental management, and low-impact construction materials.