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Prof Jens C. Andersen

MARINEFF: Eco-friendly concrete for marine construction

The Marineff project aims to develop novel eco-friendly concrete materials for marine construction projects. The overarching goal is to enhance and protect costal and transitional water ecosystems in the cross-border Channel regions. The main innovation aspects will be to integrate habitats directly into the marine infrastructures and to include components such as recycled shellfish waste into the concrete. During the project, the team will monitor how the materials perform technically as well as with respect to bio-colonisation and bio-diversity upon immersion in the sea. A wide range of marine infrastructures will be tested including oyster beds, artificial rock pools, dikes, and moorings. Test materials will be deployed in two large-scale pilot operations and at six experimental sites in the coastal waters of England and France. The project is coordinated by BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs and involves 9 partner institutions across England and France.  

The MARINEFF project is funded by the European Union through the Interreg VA (France-England) programme (project number 162). It has a total budget of €5.7 million and receives a total contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of €3.9 million. The project finishes in June 2023.

Project partners (France): BUILDERS École d’ingénieurs (coordinator), Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Ports de Normandie, TPC Vinci Construction, Universite Caen Normandie

Project Partners (United Kingdom): Bournemouth University, University of Exeter, University of Southampton