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Prof Jens C. Andersen


I contribute to teaching of all years of the undergraduate degree programmes in Geology, Applied Geology and Engineering Geology and Geotechnics as well as the postgraduate taught programmes in Mining Geology and Exploration Geology. My teaching is focused on igneous petrology and mineral deposits geology, including ore microscopy and petrography. I also lead the overseas residential field courses in Applied Field Geology and Engineering Geology Field Course. 

I coordinate the following modules

CSM3046 Mineral Deposit Geology. This module introduces mineral deposits to the year three students on the BSc/MGeol Applied Geology programme. The training includes the basic theory of formation of igneous, metamorphic, hydrothermal and sedimentary ores. Practical work includes drill core logging and work with in hand specimens.

CSM3048 Applied Field Geology. Ten day residential overseas field class to areas with past and/or current mineral extraction activities - typically in SE Spain, the Republic of Cyprus or alternative. The module is partially co-taught with CSM3069.

CSM3069 Engineering Geology Field Course. This module is for the BSc/MGeol Engineering Geology and Geotechnics students and includes a ten day residential overseas field class to explore geotechnical and engineering geology challenges in real-life situations. The module is partially co-taught with CSM3048. Explore what our students got up to in Spain during the field course in 2018:

CSM M425 Ore Genesis. Ore genesis is an optional module in the MSc Mining Geology and MSc Exploration Geology programmes. It introduces students to the use of primary observations and scientific analysis to establish the formation and evolution of metalliferous ores. The module also trains students in the study of ores using optical microscopy.

I also contribute to the following modules

CSM1030 Geology. Introduction to geology for all undergraduate students. My teaching provides an introduction to volcanic processes and igneous petrology.

CSM1036 Field Geology and Geological Maps. I lead a day trip for the year one BSc/MGeol geology students to Wheal Maid to examine mine waste and introduce methods used for environmental geology.

CSM2312 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology. I contribute to a day trip to study igneous rocks in the field. This trip takes advantage of the local exposures of igneous rocks, and explores how these rocks formed and interacted with tectonic and hydrothermal processes. 

CSM3379 Summer Vacation Project. I typically supervise 3-6 BSc summer vacation projects in areas that include abundant igneous rocks. 

CSM M047 Research Project and Dissertation. I typically supervise 4-6 MSc dissertations that are aligned to my areas of expertise and research interests. Projects typically involve industry placements on active exploration or mining prospects.