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Prof Jens C. Andersen

Assoc. Prof. of Economic Geology


Telephone: 01326 371836


I'm an economic geologist with expertise in magmatic ore deposits, applied mineralogy and geochemical analysis. I research where new energy critical metal resources may be found and how they may be extracted. My principal focus is to develop our understanding of metals associated with igneous rocks, including PGE, Ni, Co, V, and Ti in mafic–ultramafic layered intrusions and Li, In, Sn and W in granite-related magmatic-hydrothermal systems. The ultimate objective of my research is to increase the global availability of resources that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon society.


Professional associations

Chief Treasurer of the International Association on the Geology of Ore Deposits (IAGOD); Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) and AdvanceHE; Member of the SGA and the Mineralogical Society