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Dr James Hickey


This page briefly lists some of the people in the research team I manage, including undergraduate, masters and PhD students, and postdoctoral research fellows. The team mostly sits under the Active Earth research group at the University of Exeter, but I also include researchers based in other groups or institutions who I co-supervise.

PhD Students

MByRes Students

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Projects (2020/2021)

  • Rachael Smith
  • Ashleigh Smith
  • Joe Thompson
  • Rebecca McCann
  • Elinor Brooker
  • Millie Chamberlin
  • Krishna Reddy
  • Konstantinos Patounis

Former Team Members

  • Dr Aleksandra (Ola) Zawalna-Geer (NERC-funded Daphne Jackson Trust Research Fellow)
  • Molly Flynn (Summer research placement)
  • Phoebe Meredith (Undergraduate research project)
  • Jordan Healey (Undergraduate research project)
  • Armando Vazquez (Postgraduate research project)