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Photo of Mr Johannes M. Meusburger

Mr Johannes M. Meusburger



Areas of research:

My research is focussed on the charactersation of sulfates, an extremophilic group of minerals playing a crucial role in (i) toxic element mobility in acid mine draianage (ii) the present day Martian water cycle (iii) icy Jovian satellites mantle dynamics. Thus my research is mostly situated at the interface of environmental mineralogy and planatery science. My primary aims are to explore (i) how sulfate mineral precipitation can decrease toxic element concentrations in acid mine draianage (ii) how transformation processes in sulfate minerals affect the present day Martian water cycle. To answer theses questions I combine crystallographical (i.e., X-ray and neutron diffraction) with spectroscopic techniques (i.e., Infrared and Raman) and quantum mechanical modelling (i.e., density functional theory).


Primary Supervisor: Prof. Karen Hudson-Edwards (University of Exeter)
Co- Supervisor:        Dr Rich Crane (University of Exeter)
Co-Supervisor:         Dr Dominic Fortes (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)
Co-Supervisor:         Dr Chiu Tang (Diamond Light Source)


Educational background:

2013-2016: University of Vienna, BSc Earth Science

BSc Thesis: "Untersuchungen zum Hochdruckverhalten des synthetischen Orthopyroxens LiInGe 2 O6" ("On the high-pressure behaviour of the synthetic orthopyroxene LiInGe2O6")"

2016-2018: University of Vienna, MSc Earth Science (Mineralogy and Geomaterials)

MSc Thesis: “High Pressure Behaviour and Structural Transitions of the
Kieserite-Type Phases MgSO4∙H2O and FeSO4∙H2O”


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