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Photo of Dr Keiran Doyle

Dr Keiran Doyle



Areas of Research:

I am a postgraduate research student based at the Camborne School of Mines, investigating the safety and sustainable development of small-scale, high-grade mining operations in a 'switch-on, switch-off' paradigm. My primary aims are to assess the specific risks and hazards associated with modern technological small-scale mining on site personnel, local populations and the environment, and develop culture maturity models with the intention of assisting existing companies improve their environmental and social sustainability. 

My PhD is being conducted within the broader ‘IMP@CT’ Project, involving multiple industry and academic partners across Europe, is being funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation (Grant no.: 730411), and has developed and tested a whole systems solution for small-scale, low-impact mining. Alongside my postgraduate studies I am a Research Associate with Satarla, who specialise in risk management and ESG consulting, training and research. I am also a fellow of the Geological Society of London (FGS) and a student member of the IOM3.


Main supervisor: Professor Patrick Foster (University of Exeter)

Co-Supervisor: Dr Kathryn Moore (University of Exeter)

Past Education:

2013-2017: University of Leicester, MGeol Applied and Environmental Geology, Second Class Hons. (Upper Division)

  • MGeol Thesis: Ore mineral assemblages and relation to Au grade at Cripple Creek Epithermal Au deposit, Colorado.


2020 - Doyle, K., Deliverable 5.5: Policy Statement, Standards and H&S Best Practice for Switch On-Switch Off (SOSO) Mining Operations. IMP@CT Public Report.

2020 - Keith, M., Smith, D., Doyle, K., Holwell, D., Jenkin, G., Barry, T., Becker, J., Rampe, J. Pyrite chemistry: A new window into Au-Te ore-forming processes in alkaline epithermal districts, Cripple Creek, Colorado, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 274

2021 - Moore, K., Moradi, S., Doyle, K., Sydd, O., Amaral, V., Bodin, J., Brito-Parada, P., Dudley, F., Fitzpatrick, R., Foster, P., Goettmann, F., Roberts, D., Roethe, R., Sairinen, R., Sambrook, T., Segura-Salazar, J., Thomas, G. Sustainability of switch on-switch off (SOSO) mining: Human resource development tailored to technological solutions, Resources Policy, Vol. 73

2021 - Muller, S., Beylot, A., Sydd, O., Doyle, K., Bodin, J., Villeneuve, J. Applying social life cycle assessment in the early stages of a project development — an example from the mining sector, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

2022 - Moore, K.R., Segura-Salazar, J., Bridges, L., Diallo, P., Doyle, K., Johnson, C., Foster, P., Pollard, N., Whyte, N., Wright, O., The out-of-the-world hype cycle: Progression towards sustainable terrestrial resource production, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 186

Professional Memberships:

Fellow of the Geological Society of London (FGS)

Student Membership with the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3)

Specialist areas:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety Culture & Maturity
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Responsible Mining