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Dr Rich Crane


My current research pursuits follow five strands:

1) Nanotech: Investigating the utility of nanomaterials in the recovery of metals and metalloids from aqueous wastes

2) Hydromet: The development of novel (selective, environmental compatible, etc.) hydrometallurgical processes

3) Waste upcycling: The development of new techniques for the direct conversion of wastes into functional products (e.g. materials, energy)

4) Emerging contaminants: The use of novel laboratory and/or field techniques for the identification and characterisation of emerging contaminants (particularly nanomaterials, including nanoplastics)

5) Legacy mine waste: Examining the composition and environmental impact of legacy mine waste and their co-location with cultural, environmental and ecological designations

Current Research Projects as Primary Investigator:
New Concepts for a Circular Economy (MINRESCUE) in Legacy Coal [RFCS funded]
Philippines Remediation of Mine Tailings (PROMT) [NERC funded]

Current Research Projects as Co-Investigator:
Legacy Wastes in the Coastal Zone [NERC funded]
Sustainable processing of Europe's low-grade sulphidic and lateritic nickel/cobalt ores and tailings into battery-grade metals (ENICON) [Horizon Europe funded]
Deep Digital Cornwall [ERDF funded]
Microbially mediated functionalised magnetic nanoparticles from acid mine drainage [BBSRC funded]

Current PhD students:
Rupert Heathcote
Elin Jennings
Peirou Li
isagh Ghobadi
atie O'Neill

Completed PhD students:
Gabriel Ziwa
Johannes Meusburger


I am always interested to hear from prospective research students (MSc, MEng or PhD), postdoctoral researchers or other types of collaborators. Please get in touch if you have any interesting ideas!