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Prof Robin Shail


I am Module Co-ordinator (MC) for Dynamic Planet / Geology (Year 1) and Structural Geology and Tectonics (Year 2). I contribute to several other undergraduate modules, primarily field-based skills teaching, and supervise Summer Vacation Projects. I also teach on the MSc Mining / Exploration Geology and MSc Mining Professional programmes and supervise MSc Mining / Exploration Geology dissertation students - typically those undertaking projects with a SW England and/or structural geology focus.

  • Year 2
    + Structural Geology and Tectonics (CSM2182) MC
    + Geological Mapping Techniques (CSM2184)
  • Year 3
    + Exploration Techniques (Underground Geological Mapping) (CSM3151)
    + Summer Vacation Project (CSM3379)
  • MSc
    + Ore Deposit Geology (CSMM195)
    + Research Project and Dissertation (CSMM047)
    + Mining Professional - Module 1 Discovery (CSMM177)