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Quarry shotfiring and explosives supervisor courses

We offer two short courses to those seeking further knowledge and skills in either quarry shotfiring and/or explosive supervising. Typically, the duration of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses is five to six days.

Our CPD courses are validated by the mineral products qualifications council (MPQC) and meet the requirements of the Quarry Regulations 1999 (UK) act. 

Those who wish to use explosives in a quarry environment should first undertake the Shotfiring Course. Successful completion of this course and the examination provides the 'underpinning knowledge' to allow them to work as a shotfirer. Accredited shotfirers can then attend the Explosives Supervisor Course.

Persons holding an existing Blast Design certificate need only attend the Environmental and Legislation modules of the Explosives Supervisor Course.

Persons not involved in Quarry management can attend the Environmental Control (largely blast vibration/air overpressure matters) and/or the Legislation modules.

Course structure

DayTypical shotfiring courseTypical explosives supervisor course
1 Introduction, types and characteristics of explosives Geology, blast design, explosives
2 Geology, hole geometry, blast planning, initiation systems Initiation systems, sequencing, blast specification
3 Legislation - General Quarry Regulations, Storage of Explosive Regulations Blast design configuration, blast specification, preparation, setting out
4 Blast specification, flyrock surveying & profiling Legislation
5 Environmental considerations, practical shotfiring. Examination  Environmental issues

Tuition fees

The Quarry Shotfiring course costs £1,650 which includes the examination fee of £312 (£260 + VAT). A deposit of £300 is payable when registering for the course.

The Explosive Supervising course costs £1,740 which includes the examination fee of £558 (£465 + VAT). A deposit of £540 is payable when registering for the course.

Payment can be made through the online store once your place on the course has been confirmed.

Dates of forthcoming shotfiring courses

The next course will take place on Monday 1 to Friday 5 June 2020.

Application process

Please complete the Shotfiring Course Application Form and e-mail or post to the course administrator.

Course coordinator: Dr Andy Wetherelt
Course administrator: Katie Salisbury

Postal address: Daphne Du Maurier 3.104a, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9FE

Our shotfiring courses are supported by EPC-UK.